Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network (CPOI) was established in 2015 to further research and information exchange on cultural policy across the island of Ireland.

This network states the value of cultural policy research in Ireland by connecting, profiling and encouraging individuals carrying out research relating to the various ways in which arts and culture interact with the social, economic and political realms.  

We aim to bring together academic researchers from across the island to collate existing research, develop plans to exchange ideas and knowledge with cultural producers, practitioners and policy makers, and cultivate plans for future research projects.

Connect with researchers and practitioners and keep up to date with CPOI activities through our Jiscmail. Individuals are also welcome to share their own items to the group via the Jiscmail themselves. You can sign up for this here. 

CPOI has been developed through a partnership between Kerry McCall Magan, Country Director, British Council Ireland and Dr. Victoria Durrer, Ad Astra Research Fellow in Cultural Policy. Please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved or developing connections. You can reach Victoria at: Victoria.durrer@ucd.ie.

The network set up was seed funded by the Irish Research Council under the ‘New Foundations’ scheme, 2014.